Praesideo 周辺機器

PRS-NSP ネットワークスプリッター
  • Two current-limited network tap-offs
  • Supports redundant network connection on main loop
  • Can feed power from an external supply to the network
  • Indicators for power and fault status
PRS‑FIN, PRS‑FINNA and PRS‑FINS Fiber Interfaces
  • Redundant network connection
  • Indicators for power and fault status
  • Two supervised control inputs
  • Can use a local power supply
LBB4442/00 終端監視セット
  • Loudspeaker line monitoring without additional cabling
  • Supervision-master mounting in the power amplifier
  • Supervision-slave mounting at the end of the loudspeaker line
  • Open-circuit fault detection
  • Compatible with 100 V and 70 V loudspeaker lines
  • Supervision-slave powered from the power amplifier