BIS - Video Engine (VIE) 4.4

BIS - Video Engine (VIE) 4.4
  • Seamless integration of Bosch viewing and recording devices under one application with a common look and feel; likewise many 3rd party video devices.
  • Advanced video verification for enhancing intrusion and fire detection as well as access control and intercom through the common BIS platform
  • Direct command & control of video devices from the central map viewer
  • Hyperlinks between, for example, intrusion alarms in the event log and correlated video recordings on DVRs
  • Direct integration of live or archive video in BIS action plans and ACE video verification

Product variants

BIS-FVIE-BPA44 VIE 4.4 Basic License

License for the BIS Video Engine (VIE) within BIS

Commercial Type No.: BIS-FVIE-BPA44
Product No.: F.01U.333.274

BIS-XVIE-1CHA44 VIE 4.4 additional 1 Video Channel

License for 1 additional video channel

Commercial Type No.: BIS-XVIE-1CHA44
Product No.: F.01U.333.275

BIS-XVIE-1VRE44 VIE 4.4 additional 1 Third Party Channel

License for 1 additional third-party video channel

Commercial Type No.: BIS-XVIE-1VRE44
Product No.: F.01U.333.276