BIS - Security Engine (SEE) 4.4

BIS - Security Engine (SEE) 4.4
  • Provides command and control of devices from clients and servers
  • Supports the administration of intrusion and entry systems in G-Series Control Panels (up to GV3)
  • Supports the Conettix D6100/D6600 Communications Receiver/Gateway
  • Uses serial or Ethernet communication
  • Provides time schedule control

Product variants

BIS-FSEE-BPA44 SEE 4.4 Basic Package

License for the BIS Security Engine (SEE) within BIS

Commercial Type No.: BIS-FSEE-BPA44
Product No.: F.01U.333.278

BIS-XSEE-2PNL44 SEE 4.4 additional 2 Panels (G Series)

License for 2 additional panels of types GV1, GV2 or GV3 in BIS SEE

Commercial Type No.: BIS-XSEE-2PNL44
Product No.: F.01U.333.279

BIS-XSEE-500P44 SEE 4.4 additional 500 Accounts (D6x00)

License for 500 additional D6x00 accounts in BIS SEE

Commercial Type No.: BIS-XSEE-500P44
Product No.: F.01U.333.280