BIS extensions for V4.6

BIS extensions for V4.6
  • Modular structure makes it easy to tailor a security solution to your exact requirements.
  • Upgrade paths from numerous previous versions mean long-term protection of your investment.
  • Provides a seamless integration of Bosch or 3rd party systems through OPC compliance.

Product variants

BIS-FGEN-AMPK46 License for alarm management

License for the BIS Alarm Management package

Commercial Type No.: BIS-FGEN-AMPK46
Product No.: F.01U.351.031

BIS-XGEN-1CLI46 License for 1 operator client

License for 1 additional BIS Operator Client

Commercial Type No.: BIS-XGEN-1CLI46
Product No.: F.01U.351.032

BIS-XGEN-5CLI46 License for 5 operator clients

License for 5 additional BIS Operator Clients

Commercial Type No.: BIS-XGEN-5CLI46
Product No.: F.01U.351.033

BIS-XGEN-10CL46 License for 10 operator clients

License for 10 additional BIS Operator Clients

Commercial Type No.: BIS-XGEN-10CL46
Product No.: F.01U.351.034

BIS-XGEN-1DIV46 License for 1 division

License for 1 additional BIS Division

Commercial Type No.: BIS-XGEN-1DIV46
Product No.: F.01U.351.035

BIS-XGEN-10DV46 License for 10 divisions

License for 10 additional BIS Divisions

Commercial Type No.: BIS-XGEN-10DV46
Product No.: F.01U.351.036

BIS-FGEN-MSRV46 License for multi server connect

License for 1 additional BIS server in a multi-server topology. Required for adding servers to a hierarchy of ACE servers providing centralized cardholder management.

Commercial Type No.: BIS-FGEN-MSRV46
Product No.: F.01U.351.037

BIS-XAUE-1KP46 License for 1,000 detector points

License for 1000 additional BIS AUE detector points

Commercial Type No.: BIS-XAUE-1KP46
Product No.: F.01U.351.040

BIS-FAUE-BPA46 Basic license

License for the BIS Automation Engine (AUE) within BIS

Commercial Type No.: BIS-FAUE-BPA46
Product No.: F.01U.351.038

BIS-FGEN-BVMS46 License for BVMS connectivity

License for the connection between 1 BIS and 1 BVMS installation

Commercial Type No.: BIS-FGEN-BVMS46
Product No.: F.01U.351.059

BIS-FOPC-MAIL OPC server email notification

License for the OPC server Email Notification

Commercial Type No.: BIS-FOPC-MAIL
Product No.: F.01U.351.071

BIS-FOPC-SMS OPC server SMS notification

License for the OPC server SMS Notification

Commercial Type No.: BIS-FOPC-SMS
Product No.: F.01U.351.072


License for the OPC server PAVIRO

Commercial Type No.: BIS-FOPC-PAVI
Product No.: F.01U.351.070