Plena Easy Line

PLE‑2MAxx0‑EU Mixer amplifier
  • 6 microphone/line inputs plus 3 music source inputs
  • 100 V, telephone and a call station input with priority & VOX
  • 2 zones and announcement only output
  • Voice activated emergency override
  • High output power 120 and 240 Watts
  • 2-tone chime built in (7 more chimes optional with call station)
  • Outputs for line out, music only out and insert point
  • 24 V backup input with built in 24 V charger
  • Separate tone controls for microphones and music sources
PLE‑1MAxx0‑EU Mixer amplifier
  • 4 microphone/line inputs, plus 3 music source inputs
  • 100 V and telephone input with priority & VOX
  • Announcement only output, 3-wire volume override
  • Voice-activated emergency override
  • Wide range of power (30, 60 and 120 Watts)
  • 2-tone chime
  • Outputs for line out and music only out
  • Unique easy-to-use intuitive tone controls
PLENA easy

PLE-2CS Call station, 2-zone

  • Modern two-zone call station for the PLE series
  • Selectable gain
  • Speech filter and limiter
  • Output level control
  • Loop-through option for up to 8 call stations
  • LED indications for zone selection, busy, and power on
PLENA easy

PLE-1CS Call station, all-call

  • PTT-key for calls for activation
  • Momentary or toggle
  • Green LED, indicating microphone active
  • Stable metal base design with fixed 2 m cable and lockable Euro style connector
  • Phantom powered by amplifier
PLENA easy

PLE-WP3S2Z-EU Wall panel

  • Can be used for all Plena Easyline (PLE) mixer-amplifiers
  • Remote selection of three music source inputs
  • Remote zone selection
  • Perfect companion to Bosch volume controls
  • Daisy‑ chain of multiple wall panels
  • Powered through the Plena system
PLENA easy

PLE-SDT Music source, USB/SD/Tuner

  • MP3 playback from SD card and USB inputs
  • FM tuner with RDS, presets and digital control
  • Simultaneous operation of SD/USB-player and FM tuner
  • Separate outputs for digital source and FM tuner