Interpretation Units

DCN‑IDESK Interpreter Desk
  • Low susceptibility to mobile phone interference
  • Ergonomic design with features for visually impaired
  • Up to 31 interpretation channels and the original floor language with an audio bandwidth of 20 kHz
  • A graphic LCD with backlighting for bright information display in dark conditions
  • 5 pre-select keys for relay languages with activation indication at the display
  • Compliant to ISO 2603
DCN‑MICS/L Pluggable Microphone Short/Long Stem
  • Uni‑directional microphone on adjustable stem
  • Built‑in plop and windshield

DCN-FCIDSK Transport case for 2x DCN-IDESK

  • Rugged construction with reinforced corners
  • Simplifies packing and unpacking
  • Easy to carry and store