IR-Corrected Zoom and Varifocal Lenses

IR-Corrected Zoom and Varifocal Lenses
  • IR corrected for operation with high performance day/night and monochrome cameras
  • 1/3-inch and 1/2-inch formats
  • High-quality optics
  • DC-iris and Video-iris models
  • Varifocal and zoom lenses
  • Zoom lenses with pre-positioning
  • Reliable, robust construction

Product variants

LTC 3783/51 ズームレンズ、8.5~85mm、Cマウント、1/2インチ

Versatile varifocal IR-corrected zoom lens with 1/2" sensor and C-mount

Commercial Type No.: LTC 3783/51
Product No.: F.01U.132.710