EOL: AEGIS SuperLED Illuminator

AEGIS SuperLED Illuminator
  • Patent-pending Constant Light technology ensures consistent illumination
  • 3D Diffuser technology (Black Diamond) delivers even illumination designed specifically for CCTV
  • Enables the optimum nighttime performance of analogue and megapixel cameras, IP platforms, and video analytics
  • Reduced power consumption for a greener, more environmentally friendly solution with lower operating costs



5 m (16.4 ft) remote telemetry or day/night switching cable for Aegis illuminators

Commercial Type No.: UFLED-CI-5M
Product No.: F.01U.080.134


AEGIS UFLED用テレメトリリンクケーブル(1m)

1 m (3.3 ft) telemetry link cable for Aegis illuminators

Commercial Type No.: UFLED-CL-1M
Product No.: F.01U.080.135