Bosch Video Management System v.4

Bosch Video Management System v.4
  • Enterprise-class Client/Server based video management system
  • Superior alarm handling with alarm priorities and selectable user group distribution
  • Mobile video client for live and playback
  • Edge based intelligent Video Analytics (IVA) and forensic search
  • Support of 3rd party cameras that are compliant to ONVIF Profile S
  • Advanced user interface concepts for effective and efficient operation

Product variants

Base Box

Hard cardboard box including DVD and Quick Start Manual (in English, French, German, Simplified Chinese, and Spanish)

Commercial Type No.: MBV-BBOX
Product No.: F.01U.167.448



Maintenance Demoversion

Commercial Type No.: MBV-MDEM
Product No.: F.01U.201.032


Maintenance Lite-32-Edition

Commercial Type No.: MBV-MLIT32-3YR
Product No.: F.01U.300.884


Maintenance Lite-64-Edition

Commercial Type No.: MBV-MLIT64-3YR
Product No.: F.01U.300.885


Maintenance Professional Edition

Commercial Type No.: MBV-MPRO-3YR
Product No.: F.01U.300.886


Maintenance Enterprise Edition

Commercial Type No.: MBV-MENT-3YR
Product No.: F.01U.300.887


Maintenance Enterprise Subsystem Expansion

Commercial Type No.: MBV-MSUB
Product No.: F.01U.273.760


Maintenance Mobile Video Service

Commercial Type No.: MBV-MMVS-3YR
Product No.: F.01U.300.894


Maintenance Enterprise Upgrade for Pro

Commercial Type No.: MBV-MEUP-3YR
Product No.: F.01U.300.895


Maintenance Channel Expansion

Commercial Type No.: MBV-MCHAN-3YR
Product No.: F.01U.300.888


Maintenance Workstation Expansion

Commercial Type No.: MBV-MWST-3YR
Product No.: F.01U.300.889


Maintenance DVR Expansion

Commercial Type No.: MBV-MDVR-3YR
Product No.: F.01U.300.890


Maintenance CCTV Keyboard Expansion

Commercial Type No.: MBV-MKBD-3YR
Product No.: F.01U.300.891


Maintenance Forensic Search Expansion

Commercial Type No.: MBV-MFOREN-3YR
Product No.: F.01U.300.892


Maintenance Allegiant Matrix Connection

Commercial Type No.: MBV-MALG-3YR
Product No.: F.01U.300.896


Maintenance ATM/POS Connection

Commercial Type No.: MBV-MATM-3YR
Product No.: F.01U.300.897


Maintenance OPC Server Connection

Commercial Type No.: MBV-MOPC-3YR
Product No.: F.01U.300.898